13th June 2018

2-11 Consultation

Please see letter re our proposed change to age range

9th March 2016

Heatree Residential next week for Years 4 and 5 children.  A kit list  for the children has been sent home along with some further details of the activities that the children will be enjoying whilst at Heatree.  

Heatree Kit List

4th March 2016

Class 2 - Egyptian Workshop

Class 2 had an amazing acient Egyptian archaeology day in school today.  They dug in the desert and discovered a tomb which smelt a bit funny! Then they had a great time investigating different artefacts before spending the afternoon learning all about mummification.  A brilliant time was had by all.

8th December 2014

School Play

The school play 'Robin Hood' was a great sucess, thank to all the teacher, teaching assistants and children for three fantastic performances.  Well done everyone.  Check out the photos in 'Whole School Event'.

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