Little Owls Pre-School

Welcome to our Pre-School

Bishops Nympton Little Owls Pre-School strives to provide high quality care and
education for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. We aim to provide a secure learning environment enriched by our staff enabling children to reach their full potential, facilitated through an enjoyable and varied play environment. We celebrate a child’s uniqueness and encourage respect and social interaction. 

We work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop and offer children and their parents a service that supports children through their learning journey and prepares them for the transition to school.

We are now managed by the primary school governing body with very close links to the main school and joint activities regularly taking place.

Please note that due to our change in registration, the Ofsted site says that we are closed – please be assured that we are still here as part of the main school and it is simply our separate registration that has ended.

Please email on or call us direct on 01769 550162 to speak to Shelley Kiff (Supervisor) for more info or to arrange a visit.

We are making some exciting changes to the Pre-school and school.  Please follow the links for futher details of the Pre-school name change, uniform and extended offer.

Pre-School Name change & Uniform.     Pre-school & School Uniform further details.

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