Our Classes

Our classes are currently organised as follows:


Class 1 - A mixed age class with children from  Early Years and Reception 

Class teachers - Mrs Lake, Mrs Hancock

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Humphreys, Mrs Yates, Ms Alderman

Class 2 - A mixed age class with children from Years 1 and 2

Class teachers - Mrs Forder, Mrs Jones

Teaching Assistants - Ms Alderman, Mrs Howes

Class 3 - Children from Year 3

Class teacher - Mrs Jones

This remains a separate class for morning sessions (literacy, numeracy). For PE, topic work, arts etc in the afternoons, this class merges with Class 4.

Class 4 - A mixed age class with children from Years 4, 5 and 6

Class teachers - Ms Peter, Mrs Hancock, Mrs Jones

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Cockram

In addition, Mr Yarney teaches Outdoor Learning one afternoon per week.  External sports tutor Mr Grave teaches PE one afternoon per week.

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